Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Like every other blogger

Ok..at first I refused to talk about the Grammys because I wasn't very impressed, but after seeing this I just had to!.

First Mr. Mr. Jay Manuel.. remind me why you are judging this again?
Second, I do agree with Britney as the worst dressed female, but we already knew she wasn't going to look like a Penelope Cruz.

Joining her in the worst dressed club are Courtney Love wanna be Kesha and Ciara

The worst dressed man is an award well deserved by T-Pain, who repeatedly looks like a clown

...On to the Best Dressed ladies.

Taylor Swift: her Kaufman Franco dress was good, but not the BEST by any means. Although it pains my heart to say this because she is a beautiful girl her dress was rather unflattering... and she is only 2o!! she should have worn something a little more fun.

It was all about the Taylors, Gaga, and Beyonces, but some of the undercover ladies should have been a little more noticed
Example.. the best title should have gone to Keri Hilson. Unexpected.. but Dolce & Gabanna make her look great

Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles also looked stunning

as far as best dressed man Zeal was a good choice but did anybody notice Jay Z?
Bow tie check
Black and white suit check
Mr. Knowles has been reading his GQ issue lately

and that's it for the Grammys.



  1. I like your blog. Congratulations

  2. I don't know what worse. That someone can design such a horrible dress, or that someone(even when it's Britney) wears it.
    Your blog is amazing, keep up


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